Who is General Gau?

General Gau was co-founded by Hollywood animation veteran Anders JL Beer, and Brickyard VFX co-founders Dave Waller & Geoff McAuliffe.

Anders helms General Gau and is an industry veteran with over 16 years experience in animation production for feature film, TV, and interactive entertainment.

What we do

General Gau makes animated characters come alive.

We draw from a portfolio of bringing characters to life at the highest level of photo-real integration for film, and the leading edge of squash & stretch feature animated cartoons, along with most everything else in between.

Our craft is constructive and collaborative, which means we solve problems and play well with others.

Latest Works


A new digital Chester Cheetah was designed and created by General Gau for this 2013 international ad campaign. The campaign consisted of a series of television, internet and theatrical spots necessitating a compelling performance and integration with live action sets and actors.

Google Nexus 7 Camping

Digital Raptors were created and integrated for a young actors brief encounter with his own imagination.